A wind power generator is a device that converts the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of large turbines in operation that generate over 650 gigawatts of power, with another 60 gigawatts being added annually. This technology is a great way to save money and help the environment at the same time. It is also the most cost-effective way to power your home or business.

A wind power generator has three components that are responsible for producing electricity. First, there is the wind turbine itself. This device has blades that are made of polybutylene terephthalate. Another important part of a wind power generator is the generator’s motor. Its motor rotates at different speeds, depending on the wind conditions.

The wind turbine acts like an airplane wing, with the blade being drawn toward a low-pressure area, or “load.” The resulting mechanical force is enough to turn a rotor, and this causes electricity to be generated. There are various sizes of wind turbines, and each size produces varying amounts of electricity.

Choosing a wind power generator can help save money and the environment. It is relatively cheap compared to fossil fuel generators, but it costs more upfront. It can take years to recoup the cost of a wind power generator. However, the financial benefits far outweigh the initial cost. In many cases, a wind power generator can power an entire home with a single wind turbine.

A wind power generator’s output voltage depends on the power demand and the location of the wind turbine. Similarly, the speed of the generator depends on the speed of the blades. In addition, the voltage and output depend on the appliances it is meant to power. Another important factor is the wind turbine’s size. Large wind turbines typically have two or three-dimensional synchronous machines.

Most wind turbines are rated for a certain wind speed, or rated capacity. The rated speed is the highest speed that a wind turbine can safely produce electricity. A higher wind speed will result in lower output, but that is because the turbine cannot operate at peak efficiency at that speed. In the event that a wind turbine cannot function at a particular wind speed, a control system can lower the blade pitch and limit the mechanical power it can apply to the generator.

One of the most affordable and durable wind power generators is the HappyBuy Turbine Generator. This device produces up to 720 watts of power. The turbine’s nylon fiber blades are protected by a protective coating and dual bearings. The motor features a three-phase AC PMG motor to ensure safe voltage regulation. The device can also handle extreme wind speeds of up to 125mph. The HappyBuy Turbine Generator is an excellent choice for small-scale wind power.


  • Low starting wind speed, compact, light, beautiful and with little vibration.
  • Easy installation, flange connection
  • Blades using Reinforced fiberglass and carbon fiber, strengthen the anti-corrosion level, more beautiful and durable, and bendable, make the packing size smaller so save the freight.
  • Blades color optional
  • Patented permanent magnet ad generator with special stator(maglev generator), effectively reduce torque, make only 1/3 torque of ordinary generator, well match the wind wheel and generator, and ensure the performance of whole system.

Specification Sheet

Rated power200W400w600W1000W2000W
Start wind speed2m/s2m/s2m/s2m/s2m/s
Rated wind speed13m/s13m/s13m/s11m/s11m/s
Rated voltage12/24VAC12/24VAC12/24VAC24/48V48/96V
Rotor Dia.of blades0.4m0.52m0.52m0.67m0.8m
Bales Height0.9m1.05m1.3m1.5m2m
Blades qty.2pcs
Blades materialReinforced fiberglass and carbon fiber
Genearator3 phase AC meglev generator

Another type of wind power generator is called a synchronous generator. Its electrical output frequency is synchronised with the shaft speed. This means that the generator will not operate at a frequency that conflicts with the grid. It also has a fixed speed rotor, which means it will always maintain a fixed rotation speed regardless of wind speed. In addition, this generator uses a gearbox to drive the rotor. The whole assembly is housed inside a massive tower.

Wind power generators can be very expensive, so if you do not have the funds to purchase a wind turbine, you may want to consider other options. The Inspire Renewable Energy program is a great way to use wind power without incurring the costs. With the company’s renewable energy plans, you can generate clean energy for your home, which will help you save money and the environment.

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